This video is shot heading east on the Temescal Creek corridor beginning at Temescal Creek Park and ending at the current terminus at Hollis Street. Any investment in art would be in conjunction with Horton Landing Park and the South Bayfront Bridge to be constructed in 2017. Please add the location (using the time stamp of the location) you'd like to see public art and share your ideas for that specific location. You can fast forward to specific locations per your interest.

  • 0:15 47th Street at Adeline - Temescal Creek Park Gateway #3

  • 1:15 47th St Bollards

  • 1:45 ECCL /EBI

  • 2:15 San Pablo Avenue and 53rd  (ECCL)  Gateway #4

  • 3:15 ECDC

  • 3:50 Spur Alley - Public Art Ghost Horse

  • 4:20 Hollis

  • 5:10 Horton